Discord Sync Tutorial

Anyone can join our Discord to stay up to date with stream news, and get to know the community!

Join link: https://discord.gg/dawnwhisper

If you’re a Twitch Sub, you unlock extra perks for the server including picking your wisp colour (which also changes your Discord name colour), access to the sub Minecraft server, and sub only channels.

Follow this guide to get set up! 

Step 1) User Settings

Open up your Discord user settings.
This can be found next to your name on the bottom left, and is represented with a cog. Click that to open up your User Settings Panel!

Click the settings cog to access your Discord user settings.

Step 2) Connections

Select Twitch as your connection method! If you’ve already done this previously, skip to Step 3. Once you’ve opened up the connections tab, click the Twitch icon. Once you do this a window will pop up where you will have to link your Twitch and your Discord accounts together.

Click on the ‘Connections’ tab and select ‘Twitch’ in order to link your Discord account to your Twitch account.

Once your connection is complete, you will see a window which says that your Twitch and Discord are now linked.

Once you’ve connected your two accounts, you will see this page. You can close this and return to Discord.

Once your accounts are linked together, you will see this window. 

Head to welcome to assign yourself to a wisp colour by reacting to the post there. 

You should also now be able to view sub only channels, marked with a sparkle emoji. 


I’ve linked my Twitch to my Discord account, but it doesn’t show me as subbed!
The Twitch-Discord sync can take up to 24 hours to complete, but normally takes a few minutes. On the off chance that it’s still not working, try logging out of Discord and logging back in. If this still doesn’t work, you’ll just have to wait little longer for it to show up.