Dawnwhisper Community Minecraft Server

So you want to join the Dawnwhisper Community Minecraft server? Well, welcome on in! This page will go over all the information you need to know in order to play on the server


We don't have too many rules on the server, but here are the ones we do have:

  • Be kind to each other – Everyone should feel welcome and safe on the server.
  • No sexism/racism/hate speech etc – This goes without saying, but we don’t want to see any of this kind of talk on the server. Doing so will result in a permanent ban.
  • No griefing/stealing/cheating – Griefing involves not just breaking things such as other people’s structures/builds without permission, but also things like stealing items that don’t belong to you. We have measures in place to track this sort of information, so if you do so, you will be caught.
  • Build with consideration – We generally want people to build near each other to build a sense of community, but not close enough that it restricts other users. You’ll need to use your common sense with this one, and moderators/admins will have the final say.
  • No large animal/mob farms – While we can appreciate you want to gather as many items as possible, these farms cause significant performance problems which negatively affect others on the server. Please be considerate. Spawner farms/AFK Iron farms etc are fine.
  • Respect Admins – If a moderator/admin tells you to do something, you do it. You will not be asked to do something unless it has already been discussed amongst the staff.

Failure to follow these rules can result in either temporary bans for access to the server, or in some cases permanent bans. Additionally, all rules that apply to the Twitch channel also apply here!

Phew, now that bit’s out of the way…


The next thing you need to know is Whitelisting! Our whitelisting system is automated, and operates through Discord.

To get whitelisted, you will need to join the Discord server and be an active Twitch Subscriber (if you’re not sure how to get sub status on Discord, check the guide page here). Once you’re there, look for the #minecraft-server channel and type the following command:

!whitelist yourminecraftusername

So as an example, let’s use my username! I would go to the Discord channel and type !whitelist dawnwhisper and the bot will respond telling you whether the whitelisting was successful! If you type in the name wrong, you will not be able to correct it. A moderator will need to manually whitelist you.

Resource Packs

We currently do not have any requirements for resource packs, but we have some planned for the future. As such, when you add the server to your server list in the 'Multiplayer' menu, you should make sure you have 'Enable Server Resourcepacks' set to 'Allow'. This will be used in the future for various reasons so make sure to allow them!

Connection Information

Now that you have read all the information on this page (you have read it, haven’t you?) you can access the server!

The server IP address is  mc.dawnwhispergaming.co.uk

You will not be able to connect if you have not whitelisted yourself, so make sure you have done that first. You will be redirected back to this page if you ask in Discord.


If you want to help us cover the costs of running the server, please consider donating at https://donate.dawnwhispergaming.co.uk!

You will receive a special role on the Minecraft server to show that you are a Champion and will also get early access to our upcoming MMORPG (yes, you heard that right) Minecraft server – WhisperQuest!

If you want to learn more about WhisperQuest, consider joining the WhisperQuest Discord server; you get access to it when you become a subscriber too.