WhisperQuest Build Contest

WhisperQuest Build Contest!

Greetings everyone! We are hosting a build contest for WhisperQuest throughout the month of April! We have some really awesome prizes up for grabs, and the top 3 builds will be included in WhisperQuest (with attribution, of course)!

See below for details!


This contest will be a themed building contest – we’ll provide you with a map that you can download, and build your submission in. Once you’ve built it you can submit it to the #contest-submission channel in our WhisperQuest Discord server! We’ll be judging entries in the first week of May and have quite a few prizes available!

Contest runs from April 1st – April 30th at midnight!


We have a few rules regarding submissions for the contest which are as follows:

  • Submissions must be provided in .zip format.
  • All builds must be within the green wool on the corners, and must stay within the boundaries of the orange wool.
  • Main theme is Medieval RPG, but there are potential themes you can use for the build itself provided (see chest in-game).
  • You may use additional tools to create your builds (such as WorldEdit), but no datapacks.
  • Builds must be designed with the vanilla textures in mind.
Entries must be submitted in the following format to the channel:
Name: Your Minecraft In-Game Name
Description: A short description of what you’ve built
Link: Link to download the .zip file of the world. (Preferably something like Google Drive/Dropbox)

Now we’ve got through the rules, let’s get on to the fun stuff, the prizes!


We have quite a few prizes available for those of you who do participate! All submissions will be considered for addition to WhisperQuest and any who are added will have a special commemorative sign added with their names attached, as well as a title in-game to go with it!

The current prize pool is as follows:


  • £30 Steam game of your choice.
  • Choice of title in-game (Lord, Lady, Sir, Madam, Artisan) or any of the following mentioned titles.
  • Custom item in-game (either for the Dawnwhisper Community Server or WhisperQuest RPG Server) personalised to you.
  • Contest Winner role in Discord.


  • £20 Steam game of your choice.
  • Choice of title in-game (Architect, Mason, Carpenter) or any of the following mentioned titles.
  • Commemorative item in-game (for the WhisperQuest RPG Server).

  • Community vault game of your choice.
  • Choice of title in-game (Roofer, Painter, Sculptor). 
If you don’t happen to reach 1st, 2nd, 3rd, don’t fret! You’ll still receive the Contest Participant role in Discord and you may still find your build added to WhisperQuest!