WhisperQuest Dev Blog #1

Welcome everyone to the first ever WhisperQuest Dev Blog!

I’ve got a lot of exciting stuff to show off (some of which you may have seen during my development live stream I did – VOD available here). As a reminder, I will be away at EGX this week, so there won’t be any updates next week most likely, but I hope to have something up for you the week after that!

For now, let’s get into the updates for this week!

We’ve introduced level scaling into the game! Every vanilla mob (and also our custom mobs) will all display a level above their heads! The higher level they are, the more health they have and higher damage they deal!

On top of this, we’ve implemented world-based scaling, meaning the further away from spawn you get, the stronger the mobs become.

At the moment a mob’s level will increase by 1 every 250 blocks from spawn; however, this is likely to change!

Meet Shady Sam!

Shady Sam is a very special merchant that will move to different locations each day! Not only that, but he will also sell different materials of the rarer variety each day.

So if you’re looking for a particular magical resource, or a rarer weapon, you might have to hunt him down and see what wares he has to offer you!

We have implemented an automatic regenerating ore system! The way this works is that if you have the correct tool, when you mine a particular ore in a specific location in the world, not only will you get the resource for mining it, but it’ll regenerate, meaning you can come back each day to get some more!

These will be limited to specific regions of the world, and can potentially provide some very rare resources!

If you’re just getting started, you’ll need to gather some gear!

You’ll find these general merchants scattered around in each town and they’ll all sell the basic equipment you’ll need to get started on your adventure (plus some handy extras)!

Be sure to check out what they have to offer!

We’ve got some new textures to show off!

These are the new textures for the coins and writs, which are the physical currency you earn from defeating mobs and completing quests!

At the current time, they do not affect randomly generated currency (but they will soon!)

And don’t worry, they’re not as dark as they appear really!

That’s it for this weeks dev blog – there will be more to come in the future, so I hope you look forward to seeing what we’ve come up with.

As a side note, if any of you are interested in helping with the building aspect of development, shoot me a message! We’re looking to put together a small team of builders to help get things moving! Additionally, we have our Champion supporters who help support development!

Champions are those who have supported development by donating £5+ towards the server. We use the funds from these donations to purchase plugins to help make the RPG server a truly amazing experience. Champions get access to early playtesting, and will receive commemorative items for showing their support! If you would like to get the Champion role and help support WhisperQuest, please consider checking out our donate page: https://donate.dawnwhispergaming.co.uk/ Once you have purchased the package, please post your Minecraft In-game name into the #verification channel and we’ll add you to the role!

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