WhisperQuest Dev Blog #2

Welcome back everyone to the second Dev Blog for WhisperQuest! We hope you’re all excited to see some of the new features we’ve worked on!

We have a few new interesting things to show off this time around, along with some very exciting updates to how WhisperQuest will operate!

Let’s give a warm welcome to the newest addition to our building team, Scott Florence!

Scott has shown off his building skills on the survival server and has joined our build team to help make WhisperQuest a reality!

If you’re interested in joining the build team, please send Ashen a DM via Discord and we can chat about it!

Here’s a first look at the World Map for WhisperQuest!

It is subject to change, but this is the initial design for the map we’re working with!

This map will be particularly large, with zones for each of the Elementals you encountered during the previous War of the Wisps!

We have now implemented a new system for handling dungeons! This new system allows the server to generate multiple instances of the same dungeon, and allow for multiple groups to take on the same dungeon at the same time.

Thanks to this system, we can also have NPCs, quests and more in each of the instances, that all reset themselves after a dungeon group completes it!

This system currently is a work-in-progress, so expect to see more about it in the future!

In addition to the new instancing system, we’ve also developed a custom sound system! Thanks to this system, you’ll be experiencing custom sound effects, and even location-based music! So when you walk into a town for the first time you’ll get to hear it’s very own music!

And don’t worry, the standard music of the game won’t be interfering, as we’re completely replacing the original game soundtrack with more RPG-esque music and sounds! We’re super happy with how the system is turning out, and we hope we can push it even further to make it a truly immersive experience!

Our Discord server is now open to those of you who are subscribed to Dawn on Twitch! (If you haven’t already subscribed, do so here)!

In the Discord will be posting behind-the-scenes looks at the development of the server, as well as general update information, playtesting sessions and more!

That’s it for this weeks dev blog – there will be more to come in the future, so I hope you look forward to seeing what we’ve come up with.

If you want to help support us with the development of WhisperQuest, consider joining out Champion supporters!

Champions are those who have supported development by donating £5+ towards the server. We use the funds from these donations to purchase plugins to help make the RPG server a truly amazing experience. Champions get access to early playtesting, and will receive commemorative items for showing their support! If you would like to get the Champion role and help support WhisperQuest, please consider checking out our donate page: https://donate.dawnwhispergaming.co.uk/ Once you have purchased the package, please post your Minecraft In-game name into the #verification channel and we’ll add you to the role!

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