WhisperQuest Dev Blog #3

Post by Ashen (WhisperQuest dev) Welcome back everyone to the third Dev Blog for WhisperQuest! We hope you’re all excited to see some of the new features we’ve worked on!

This time around we’re going to be showing off some of the progress we’ve made with the first place your adventure will begin – Newborough!

The first thing we want to show you is where your adventure will begin!

This is the town of Newborough, a small coastal town that will introduce you to the very basics of WhisperQuest! You’ll be off doing quests, killing mobs, and talking to the local townspeople!

This area will feature dialogues, have you running around the local area, and even visiting a VOLCANO!

Quite the adventure to be had here. More about Newborough to come.

What good would an MMO be without QUESTS! Newborough will be your first experience with quests, where you’ll be helping out the townsfolk and getting yourself prepared for adventuring into the big wide world (still in development, obviously)!

This town guard looks like he could use some help, what say you?

The world of WhisperQuest is very special, and features some unique oddities you might not have come across. For example, how about a new ore?

That’s right, you’ll be able to find a new material called Wisperite, a new resource for crafting some very useful weapons and tools. It’s very rare, so if you spot it, make sure to grab some!

We have some good news for those of you who are Champions! We’re introducing access to a ‘Dev Map’, where you’ll be able to login and see our progress as we develop the different zones for the game. You’ll be able to keep track of the development by checking out the map on the website! (So if you wanted a sneak peak of what some of the zones will look like, that’s where you want to be looking)!

Details will be published on the WhisperQuest Discord server in the #champions-corner channel!

Want access to the Discord server? Make sure to subscribe to Dawnwhisper on Twitch. Click here to subscribe!

The last good news is that we’re intending to run a demo playtest of the Newborough zone really soon! We don’t quite have an exact date or time yet, but the playtest will be exclusive to Champions!

We are looking for feedback on it as well, so we’ll have a place for you to submit that too!

Keep an eye out on the #announcements and #champions-corner Discord channels for more information.

That’s it for this weeks dev blog – there will be more to come in the future, so I hope you look forward to seeing what we’ve come up with.

If you want to help support us with the development of WhisperQuest, consider joining out Champion supporters!

Champions are those who have supported development by
donating £5+ towards the server. We use the funds from these donations
to purchase plugins to help make the RPG server a truly amazing

Champions get access to early playtesting, and will receive commemorative items for showing their support!

If you would like to get the Champion role and help support WhisperQuest, please consider checking out our donate page: https://donate.dawnwhispergaming.co.uk/

Once you have purchased the package, please post your Minecraft In-game name into the #verification channel and we’ll add you to the role!

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