Do you want to live forever?* Do you like shiny emotes? Do you love lembas bread?!

The Wisps are subscribers who contribute to support the channel every month!

This always goes towards improving the quality of the stream, and for funding channel giveaways and special events. I can’t thank my Wisps enough for their support, and I am proud of the community that we have built together.

As thank you, Wisps also receive some sub only benefits including:

Immortality – You get to live forever!*

Discord Access – We have a wisp-only server where everyone is welcome to hang out, chat and play games together.

Emotes – Access to emotes available for the channel, as well as a sub badge!

Wisp Wednesday Access – Every week, all Wisps are invited to attend a community get together. We either watch a movie together, or play multiplayer games with other immortals. See the #wisp-wednesday channel in Discord for more information.

Extra Lembas Toast – Each tier receives a different bonus currency amount every month for use in channel giveaways!


Server & Guild Access – Access to our current sub servers for Minecraft and Starbound, as well as invites to all MMO groups and guilds.

And more! – There are some in the Wisps crazy enough to support the elf not only through Twitch, but Gamewisp as well! If you happen to be subbed on both, your Twitch and Gamewisp tiers will be added up to form your total, with even more benefits. As a higher tier sub you can get access to Snapchat, your own personal Minecraft world, artwork done by me, and even my soul. Check them out here!

Terms and conditions apply. Dawnwhisper does not accept responsibility for loss of any human-like traits during the process of wispification, including body, and/or soul. The Wisp agrees that these items are non refundable in the exchange for Immortality. Immortality™ must be renewed monthly in order to ensure continued effectiveness, in unsubscribed months, accidental death or injury may occur.